if you're trying to heal too...


Jorge Vallentine's distinctive Indie Folk sound, which has drawn strong and favorable comparisons to Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, and Elliott Smith, takes the core elements of the singer-songwriter genre – acoustic guitar, introspective lyrics, and emotional vulnerability – and gives them an edge by adding the energy, driving rhythms, and electric guitar tones that define Indie Rock (think Brand New, Arctic Monkeys). The result is music that’s uniquely dynamic, blurring the lines between two seemingly opposing styles, and an artist whose solo performances have been said to pack the punch of a full band.

Planned for 2023, Jorge's first official release, "Peace", will be centered around themes of peace, love, healing, and balance. Here, Jorge will explore a softer, more meditative style, featuring lyrics akin to mantras and protection spells and guitar work and soundscapes that move like water.

He hopes you'll take a listen someday and find comfort in these songs – a place to rest for a bit before continuing on your journey.

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